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CBSE Affiliation Number (3330379)

About Us

We are a school affiliated to CBSE (Affiliation No. - 3330379), one of its kind, not only in Chhattisgarh, but the whole of India. The Welfare Society of the Police Department, under the able leadership and guidance of the Director General of Police, set up this school. The vision is a lofty one. Educating children, when we know the stakes, takes a different mode. The Police Department has entered this arena, knowing fully well, that it takes a different type of courage to venture into the field of education.

Principal's Name

PPS Culture

We strongly advocate integrity. Each person in the school is free to voice his or her opinions. We practise kindness and respect. Protocol is maintained always. Open communication exists between parents and school. We celebrate personal achievements and good behaviour. Our school maintains cleanliness and the physical environment is kept in order. Every one participates in all the activities. Training is another feature which adds value to the people and culture.


The students get to learn from the different activities.

  • They do the work themselves or in groups. This helps in team work and shows how much one puts in.
  • Collective as well as individual responsibility is insisted always.
  • The fear of home assignment not being done or what will happen in the class the next day is all taken care of by the work done at home.
  • The assessments reflect only the grades in each class. The parents are also sensitized to the issue that their child may not achieve good grades but she / he is good at so many activities.
  • The children are given ample opportunities to perform or act what they had learnt.

Our Guiding Force

ADG's Message

ADG’s Message

 He goes by the rules. He made sure that there is a Standard Operating Procedure in the school. Shri Vivekanand Sinha checks every document meticulously and approves them for further action only if it qualifies the standards. He appreciates extra-curricular activities which lead to the all-round development of the students.


“Education is the weapon which you can use to change the world”. Nelson Mandela


It is a matter of immense pride that the police department has started PPS at Raipur for a start. Our plan is to come up with more schools. We know that education can do wonders to the children who have gone astray. The people who I have come across during my tenure as IG and now, were and are a misguided lot. I understand that if we can provide them a place where they can come over and think and channelize their energy into fruitful things, there wouldn’t be so much struggle and loss of life.


I see the students of PPS get a sound base in academics. We are trying to provide facilities which would take care of their physical growth. Fitness through sports is one of our aims, which I am sure the students will participate whole heartedly. The introduction of equestrian sports is an area we are working on. This will take care of discipline and restraint which the students of all ages are expected to exercise.


I wish the students a healthy and fit mind and body for an ailment-free future.

 Shri Vivekanand Sinha, IPS




SSP's Message

Education is a tectonic plate in the socio-economic structure of the country.

It is the students of today, who define the leaders of tomorrow. What a nation needs more than bookish knowledge is Wisdom. They also need to be Compassionate. The goal of schools is not only to build creative, high scoring, genius minds, but, it is also to ensure the use of such minds, for the benefit of the society, especially the down-trodden. I am glad that the, now 'Young' Police Public School is striding fast in this direction. Police Public School, Raipur is a novel step and a positive addition to the Police Organisation in Chhattisgarh. It is not only working for the betterment of the Police Family, I am sure, it will also generate future leaders. It is my absolute honour to be associated with the school as the Vice President, my best wishes to our students and the dedicated staff of PPS Raipur.

May only Glory strike the fate of the Police Public School Raipur!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Prashant Agrawal, IPS


Manager's Message

Police Public School, Raipur wouldn’t have looked the way it is if Shri. Jitendra Shukla, Manager, Police Public School, had not set foot into the building. He dirtied his hands and bathed and cleaned it and is making sure day in and day out that the school gets what it needs. He has answered questions, borne the wrath of the parents, took accolades and setbacks in his stride and moved forward in his usual calm demeanor.
A thorough family man, with a beautiful family, he is of the opinion that parents have to give time and responsibility to their children, take them into confidence and allow them to commit mistakes and learn from them. Parents have to do their part at home and teachers have to do their part in the school.
He invites parents to trust the school and to send their children to study at Police Public School. He says it confidently as he had selected most of the teachers and his acumen related with people is excellent. His children also study in this school. He wants the best in the school and also to be provided from the school. He says that this initiative of the Chhattisgarh Police Department should not lack in anything.
He extends a warm welcome to the parents of Raipur.