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The Guiding Force


Congratulations, Team PPS!

This noble venture of ours is flying and how! We have the right bunch of facilitators at our Police Public School, working with a set mind to provide high grade education. We assure the parents of Raipur that we will go all out to give the best to the children.

I believe in the power of an educated mind. Once the basic education is received, scores of options open up. The initial effort which is needed is being provided amply at PPS. We are guiding the students at each step of their lives. I know the importance of hard work, guidance and motivation as these helped me in life. We encourage and support the students in all that they do to excel.

I am with team PPS in their everyday working and we have one of the safest places in Raipur for children to study at. I welcome all of you parents and trust us, your children will be equipped well with the lessons needed to stand up and lead in life.

Dr. Anand Chhabra, IPS


Congratulations to everyone associated with Police Public School, Raipur. I strongly advocate preparation when one reaches a certain position and time in life. In school, children should be left to be themselves and they should be provided the freedom to explore and understand what they are good at.

Taking cue from my experience, I can safely write that children will reach a stage where they needn’t be pushed to study and they will realize it themselves that studies will help them gain all the name and fame in life.

At PPS, Raipur, we ensure that the children are aware of what is happening around them and also to question the ‘why’ of things. We suggest that even while watching a movie, one should not stop learning. And that things and scenes can be related and applied to, in life.

I am all praise for PPS and hope that more parents entrust their children with us. From my side, it’s huge thumbs up and many more years of happy schooling!

Arif H Shaikh, IPS


Hearty Congratulations to each one who slogged day in and out to make this idea into a reality. It was my personal conviction, earnest hours and unbowed determination which made me work on this school. I am grateful to my superiors for having faith in me. Their nod was enough to ignite the required aggression and calmness which was essential to start from scratch.

With an aim to provide affordable education to the children of the police personnel, the school, Police Public School was started. I can say it with great pride and honour that it feels absolutely fabulous to see the fruits of one’s labour take shape so beautifully.

I am of the opinion that parents have to give time and responsibility to their children, take them into confidence and allow them to commit mistakes and learn from them. Parents have to do their part at home and teachers have to do their part in the school. At our school, we have capable and interested facilitators who are passing the necessary skills to the students.

I invite you all parents to send your children to Police Public School. A successful start to this noble endeavor could happen only because some of you parents stood by our vision. I extend a warm welcome to each of you to visit and attend the events in the school.

Jitendra Shukla IPS