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The Initiators


A thorough academician, Shri Ashok Juneja, takes a keen interest in the working of the school. He believes that the students should get adequate time, space and equipment and material to study, play and experiment with. He insists on safety and he does not tolerate any compromise on providing a secure campus.


“If your plan is for one year, sow rice; if your plan is for ten years, plant trees; if your plan is for a hundred years, educate children.” – Confucius


Our plan is a forever plan when it is about educating children. One of the ventures which Chhattisgarh Police is spear heading is Police Public School, Raipur. This noble venture of ours took a long time to become a reality. It is now in its fourth year and the tremendous presence it has managed to make in the field of school education in the state and particularly in the city is praiseworthy.


The Police department is a permanent entity and so is the school. Chhattisgarh Police will continue to support and nurture the young minds and make them ready to lead. It happens only due to the combined efforts of the police personnel and the civilian staff who are giving their best with cent percent effort and zeal.



I commend the efforts of the parents who have placed faith in us and continue to extend their cooperation as and when needed. I believe that the students of PPS will rise and shine in life. 


Ashok Juneja IPS

Director General of Police