The Initiators

D M Awasthi Sir



 The building was ready. But the school never opened. PPS will forever be

grateful to Shri D M Awasthy for taking up the task of getting the school

opened. He insisted on recruiting able and inspirational teachers and gave

personal attention to every aspect of the functioning of the school.

Shri DM Awasthi









Aanand Sir


 He ensured that the people who manned the different

positions in the school were just and grounded. PPS

cannot thank him enough for his acumen of turning to

the right people to get the required help.

Dr. Anand Chhabra

IG Raipur Range






Aarif Sir


 He ably supported his IG and DG and lent support

whether it was for setting up the laboratories or for

providing other logistic support.

Shri Arif Sheikh










 He spruced up the building. He got it ready for

a modern school to run smoothly. He is the only

one who is there in the Managing Committee by

name. He put his heart and soul into cleaning the


Shri Jitendra Shukla

Commandant. 16th Bn CAF, Narayanpur








 She had the grit and bull’s eye focus

because of which she could start the

school and keep it going against all

the odds.

Mrs. Shani Mishra

Principal, Police Public School