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We are super busy with the everyday chores of life. And most often, we take it for granted that our children are safe. And when we have to be away, the first set of people we trust are our neighbors. And if it is an outing to a relative’s place, we are all the more casual. We trust too much, too soon.

We leave our children with people who we see. And one among those very trusted people, there might be someone who misbehaves in the extreme with our child. The child might speak about it or the person or the child might go quiet.

We are at fault here. We need to keep a track of who our children are with. We need to continuously talk and not scold. If something wrong has happened, we have to be there for our child and talk them out of whatever they have gone through.

Let us be cautious from today.

Conscious and Happy Parenting Everyone!