Knowledge Facilitators


We have around 910 students on our roll and a staff of around 39 manage the whole show. We provide them a near perfect setting for learning with enthusiastic faculty, well qualified and who take up assignments with a personal care. With their sole focus on the development of a cultured individual, these faculty go about doing their work selflessly without discriminating against any caste, religion, sex or color. The teachers are chosen after they are tested for their enthusiasm for making a difference in the lives of young children.

The support staff is very supportive and reach out whenever their services are required. This is apart from their regular duty hours. If the Principal is not present, there is a bit of an inconvenience. If a teacher is nit present, the inconvenience goes up. But a proxy is provided. However, if the support staff is absent, things get delayed and the inconvenience goes up to a different level altogether.