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The Little Things That Parents Can Do at Home

Parents should understand that the school does only 25% in everything. It is the parents who make or break a child. It is the comfort at home and also the ease with which children and parents deal with each other that makes a child feel important and they come up well in life.
It is not essential for parents to be qualified, speaking English or even educated. The determination should be there to do everything possible to make the lives of their children better. So, parents, should be available for their child academically. They can be there in the following ways:

  • Switch off the television even when it is time for their favourite serial.
  • Watch NEWS later.
  • Visit relatives or friends’ house when there are no exams.
  • Sit with their child when he or she studies.
  • Monitor their studies and also check whether they are actually studying or not.
  • Ask help to solve the questions.
  • Meet the teachers and work out a solution.

At home, the environment can be made conducive for a healthy existence. The child / children should talk and discuss with the parents, everything. When the children come back from school or any other place, the parents should talk to the children. They should cajole out all the information from the child. Without interruption or reacting, a patient hearing
should be given.