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Parents! We Understand You

We, see what the parent is going through when they drop their child to school for the first time. In our school, we don’t just pacify the children, but also understand and cheer the parents. At every stage, or level, the parent cries. The child has to just crawl out of the door and the parent cries.

Every parent gets worried as to how the child will stay in school for such a long time without them. And then, we see that the child wasn’t feeling terrible, it was the parent who was frazzled. We help parents overcome that anxiety. And when they see smiling faces waiting for them at noon to go back home, the parents’ face light up and they are all ready and energetic to tackle the rest of the day with the kids.

We, most often, help the child come out of bad behavior and then inform the parents about the change. We don’t scare the child by saying that the parents will be called. We don’t call the parents for wrong doings. We speak to every parent and understand the environment the child is growing up in.

We calm parents by telling them how to go about teaching the child. And that a regular routine of studies and other activities need to be done. We know fully well that if we say anything negative about a child, the parent will be extremely unhappy.
We also understand how the parents get affected when the teacher praises other children.We fully understand that for a parent, his or her child is the best one. We too want them to feel that. If they worry too much about studies, we tell them that the child is good at some other activity, which they usually are too.

And lastly, believe it or not, the parent becomes insecure of his or her position in the child’s life. This is the truth which we never accept as parents. Every person who is in the company of their child is a threat to their position or importance. By the time, the parents understand the teacher, it is time for the child to move up to the next class.