Principal's Message

We join hands with parents to guide children on their journey.

School is an important phase of a child’s life. We make sure that the experience is an enriching one. We join hands with parents to guide children on their journey. We understand parents, their anxieties, tears and happiness. We welcome parents to meet and suggest and help them be better than before parents which in turn helps students do extremely well in life.

Education, in Police Public School is not restricted to Academics. It is certainly a priority. Along with Academics, we inculcate values. Being Human and Integrity are emphasized. Every act of ours is a conscientious effort to make the child take the challenges in life in his or her stride and apply the skills learnt in the classroom to real life situations.

Our children are reared to be human beings full of compassion, sensitive, sensible, wise, courageous, responsible and embracing people of all sections and communities of the society. We make them do the chores so that they may not hesitate to do any kind of work whatever the circumstances require them to do every day, in the present and in the future.


We focus on all the activities which develops the confidence of the child. At the end of the day, what matters is whether the child could stand for himself and not be rattled. The teachers are trained continuously and their upgradation leads to better teaching-learning environment.

The children in our school are free to express their worry or fear. No matter what they had done, we stand by them and bring them back on the right track. We do not make PTMs a stressful affair.

We welcome you to experience our parent and child rearing. Send your child to us. We will give you back a complete woman or a man.