Schooling Levels

Pre Primary Level

 We value parents. The emotions with which parents send their precious ones are   highly regarded and valued. The faith and hope with which the parents send their children to us is of utmost importance to us. We understand the importance of early childhood education. The children are not left on their own. We show things, we repeat, we write and read. Then we make them read, speak and write too. From experience, we are aware that children are capable of assimilating a wide and a variety of knowledge.


They are made to sit in the classroom, eat their food, go to the wash room, ask permission, play in the Toy room, enjoy Music, dance, sing and visit places. After the initial reluctance and anxiety, children settle down and we are able to put across a whole lot of letters, words, numbers, habits, manners and life skills. Our capable faculty, along with parents, guide the little ones on their road to wisdom.

Primary Level

We insist on a sit-down study in this level. We apply the Mother Teacher concept in grades 1 and 2. The focus here is thorough practice of reading, speaking and writing the language. Every child is made to perfect his or her skills to learn the languages. When a child is able to read he or she understands the language and then understanding the language in the other subjects is easy. From grade 3 onward, serious studies are emphasised. Now the student is thorough in the language and is able to understand the importance of studies.

Middle Level

The students of this age have a hold on the language. Their reading, speaking and writing skills are of a certain level. So now their focus is on Math or Science or Social Studies. This is the age, when a certain subject or job fascinates a child. They start thinking on the lines of their ambition in life. They start building up the story. They take interest in the different subjects and activities and then delete or zero in on the line they would want to choose in their high school.